New ‘Anti’ Fashion Modeling Agency Debuts Its Stunning Avant-Garde Stars Of All Sizes And Backgrounds

A New York City modeling agency is defying fashion stereotypes, one arresting beauty at a time. The Anti-Agency, which began four years ago in the UK, has launched its New York City branch, eager to represent personalities deemed to strong for the roster of a classic modeling company. On its catalog of models are gender-bending fashion fans, a punk musician, and a member of one of New York City’s best-known all-female skating crew The Skate Kitchen.

More info: The Anti-Agency, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: dailymail)

“We were working in the industry and knew several girls who were unique and gorgeous creatives,” founder Lucy Greene told the “They didn’t want to join conventional model agencies for various reasons… either because they didn’t want to be pigeon holed as models and subsequently not taken seriously in their creative careers or because they were far too big flamboyant characters to be told what to do or how to be in terms of weight, hair, clothes etc.”

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