Now You Can Look Like A Void With This $22 Vortex Hoodie


There’s a general consensus that our clothing is meant to represent our personality—maybe you like to wear button-down shirts and want to always appear proper, or perhaps band T-shirts are the attire that you refuse to put down. Basically, we all have our styles and preferences, and it’s natural to strive for our brand of perfection.

But what to do on the day when you want to be both comfortable and original at the same time, without sacrificing your dramatic flair? Well, hoodies with fluffy ears might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and they might fail to reflect your inner feelings. Luckily, the clothing industry is almost as vast as the internet, and thus we proudly present—the Vortex Hoodie! For all your void-related needs!

h/t: boredpanda


The hoodie has been making rounds on internet, with the obvious comments associated with the blatant theme of absence and, well, void. The somewhat original design took the established idea of optical illusions on clothing and presented its own twist.


For those who want to make a statement about the deep and endless void that’s inside all of us (or just for laughs), the hoodie’s front and back are linked with a endless corridor of nothingness. And if you think that’s too deep, here’s a simpler explanation: either side of the hoodie will seem part of the same set (unlike clothing that has something going on in the front, and is blank on the back).

Reportedly, the hoodie first appeared in a market in Japan, with a reasonable price tag of $22. Japan is no stranger to strange clothing options, catering to a variety of original ideas and even otherworldly fashions (just look at Harajuku street fashion). Therefore, this hoodie—no matter how optically challenging—is a tame option.

All in all, if you are looking for something fantastic to wear to your next Zoom meeting, or if you want a proper representation for your tirade about the unavoidable slippery slope of existence (yes, we go there too!), this hoodie can cover all your fashion needs—or at least it’s a great conversation piece. Let your imagination run wild!

Should you want to delve deeper into wearable illusions, there’s quite a selection hidden in the depths of the almighty internet. And for your consideration, here are some of them. Would you wear any of them? Or are they too loopy for your tastes?


The void is not the only optical illusion hoodie. Here’s one that leads towards the light:


Hole-like openings reveal the image underneath, creating layers on an otherwise flat surface:


It may look like a wearable paper bag, but the hoodie is actually made from regular fabric:


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