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How A Dog Should Wear Pants?

Image credits: Jared Keller

How would a dog wear pants? This twisted question has been plaguing the Internet at least since November, when a Yik Yak user posed the question, and then BuzzFeed polled its readers. Fast-forward to December when FB page Utopian Raspberry user “Norbert” posted a stylized illustration of the same question, which was then re-tweeted by Maxim editor Jared Keller, who went on to interview “Norbert.”

Read the short interview, then see the puzzling picture and Mashable’s take on it, below:

“I created it last night at about 2 or 3 am (it’s 4:30 pm now my time),” Norbert told Maxim. “I saw some dogs wearing pants, and I thought about how they don’t really have arms so their pants should technically go on every leg. I just tried both versions. I honestly didn’t expect it to become so popular,” he added. “I’m just glad people found it entertaining.”

h/t: boredpanda, Utopian Raspberry, maxim, jaredbkeller

If you already answered this, there are more serious questions in life:

How would a ferret wear a tube top?

Image credits: Mashable

How would an earthworm wear a bra?

Image credits: Mashable

How would a spider wear a monocle?

Image credits: Mashable

How would a giraffe wear a necktie?

Image credits: Mashable

What would an octopus wear?

Image credits: Mashable

And, the general question is:

How would a man wear them?


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