Polish Photographer Katarzyna Niwińska Creates Magical Slavic Fairytale, It Is Mesmerizing

Creative Photographer from Poland, Katarzyna Niwińska, described her work “A Tale of Three Gifts” as a project inspired by Slavic folklore, legends, stylistics and, above all, fairy tales.

“Three years ago I started to invent a story of a poor girl who meets a good godmother in the woods. At every meeting, the girl receives a magical gift, but in the end, having discovered that wealth does not give her luck, the heroine takes on the role of good fairy herself – the guardian of nature, at the same time giving the godmother her freedom.

For these three years I was looking for suitable accessories, models, suitable open air places, and I was also making myself the costumes (based on authentic Eastern European costumes), preparing wigs for my heroines. Special dresses in which I have adorned my fairies – white and green – were made by a fantastic designer from Wrocław, Małgorzata Motas.

To work with me I have invited amazing, with a magnetic look gorgeous Karolina Burian, who played the role of my main heroine. The second character in my story is the forest godmother. This heroine of my story is based on three characters that I found in one of my beloved books, “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman, the sisters of Zoriach. I thought that it would be interesting to show one character changing her appearance at different times of the day. Hence the idea of involvement in the project of two similar models of different ages – sensational Anna Niczyporuk and Ewa Idzikowska.”

More info: Katarzyna Niwińska, Facebook, Instagram, Małgorzata Motas, Ewa Idzikowska (h/t: boredpanda)

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