“Flesh Love Returns”: Japanese Photographer Captured Intimate Photos Of Vacuum-Sealed Couples

“Flesh Love Returns” is a photo series by Japanese artist and photographer Haal who is photographing couples that he meets in nightclubs and arranges them like pieces of meat inside bags meant to store futons and blankets. He then seals their conjoined bodies inside the bag using a household vacuum that sucks out all of the air.

For this project, “Flesh Love Returns”, the Japanese photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi photographed over 80 couples. Kawaguchi says the men panic more often than the women. A few have struggled for air while in the bag and one man ended up pissing himself. The women just want to look good, he says.

“Between those who love each other are instinctively attracted, and they hope to become the one. To represent this power of love, I have photographed couples vacuum-sealed. This time I started a project called “Flesh Love Returns”, shot the couple’s most important place. Shooting location is decided by the couples, then I decide the best angle there. Some couples choose their own room, some choose the workplace where they first met, and some choose a restaurant where they had a date for the first time. Two people were packed perfectly in their best place. It is unalloyed packed couple without even air between them. I think this is the ultimate substantial portrait.”

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