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For 32 Years, Artist Took Photos Of The Same Couples To Show The Effects Of Time


When Swiss photographer Barbara Davatz met Kurt and Nicola back in 1982, the young couple caught her eye for their uncanny resemblance. Both with blond hair in crew cuts and head to toe dressed in black, they seemed like intriguing subjects for a photo shoot.

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Fabian, Regula, 1982. Vimbai, Regula, Lukas, 1997. Fabian, 2014.

Little did she know that one portrait of Kurt and Nicola would lead to a 32-year-long photography project, As Time Goes By. But, obviously, it did.

Bianca, Ernesto, 1982. Biana, Ernesto, 1997. Bianca, Carlo 2014.

“They were part of a circle of interesting people who were all 10 to 20 years younger than me. It was they who provided the initial spark, drawing my attention to other couples who conveyed messages through their ‘dual’ appearance,” Davatz writes in her press release.

Rico, Tiziana, 1982. Tiziana, Rico, 1988. Tiziana, 2014.

Davatz started taking photos of look-alike couples and ended up focusing on 12 young individuals who were either lovers, friends, or otherwise related. She repeatedly took their portraits over the span of 32 years, more precisely in 1982, 1988, 1997, and 2014.

Carole, Serge, 1982. Carole, Serge, 1988. Serge, Carole, 2014.

Beni, Andi, 1982. Beni, Charlotte, Lou-Salomé, Natalie, 2014. Andrea, Anna, Leila, Andi, 2014.

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