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Artist Christian Pierini Creates Fantastic and Detailed Portraits Using Instruments and Objects


Christian Pierini Macêna or Mr (C) is the CEO of Union Groups and Artists Theatre West Zone and also he is a producer, cultural and visual arts teacher and musician. The artist has a degree in Visual Arts from Bennet Methodist University and took classes of observation drawing, live model and painting.


These works are from Workshop of Visual Arts Sustainable Cultural Canvas Elza Osborne (Theatre Arena of Campo Grande). The classes are based on the design applied to new media, where students, in a playful manner, assemble an installation made ​​with obsolete electronic materials. The workshop is free for students of municipal schools and lasts 12 months, with one class per week. The main objective of the course is the awareness of environment through art.


Christian Pierini worked for two years as an assistant artist for Vik Muniz. During this period, he was one of those responsible for the production of logos for Fantastic (Globo) and Rock In Rio 2011. From this experience, the artist decided to bring the technique of installation to the pedagogical field and teaches how to reuse electronic scrap to make art.


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