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The Ultimate Proof That Every Daughter Turns Into Her Mother


Mail Online carried out a fascinating picture experiment to prove that human genes can really do wonders. By using computer wizardry, they combined the photos of five mothers and daughters to prove that they are more alike than they really thought.

h/t: brightside, dailymail

Sara Pearson and her daughter, Clemmie

Clemmie says: “I’ve inherited her eyes and smile. But perhaps her greatest gift to me is the positive attitude about my appearance”.

Rhonda Mackintosh and her daughter, Darcey

Darcey says: “Though I’ve always known that mom and I were alike, this picture really surprised me. If in 30 years I look like her, it would really be great!”

Esther Savage and her daughter, Wendy

Esther says: “Now, I know more than ever that being healthy is more important than appearance. It’s interesting to see that Wendy has inherited my attitude to looks. She has never fussed about expensive lotions and potions”.

Josie O’Rourke and her daughter, Jodie

Jodie says: “Mom always says that she hates getting older. I wish she could see she is still gorgeous. I love that we look so alike. We have the same eyes, smile and dimples”.

Frances Dunscombe and her daughter, Tineka

Frances says: “I’ve never thought I look so much like Tineka. In my eyes, she is more beautiful than me.”

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