Barber Abandons Plans For Expensive New Flooring… And Covers His Shop With 70,000 Pennies

A barber came up with a clever way to cut costs by laying the floor of his new shop with 70,000 1p pieces. Rich Holtham, owner of BS4 Barbers in Dudley, West Midlands, came up with the idea after he was given an estimate of £1,000 to arrange the flooring.

Instead, the 28-year-old and his staff decided to cover the 10ft by 15ft shop with thousands of pennies.

“We had to take our own cash to the bank and we had to take hundreds of pennies out a day,” explained the owner of 4 barber shops across the UK. “In the end, we took out £700 worth of pennies. That’s 70,000 coins.”

h/t: dailymail, boredpanda

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