These Amazing Animal Sculptures Were Made from Carefully Cut Layers of Paper


Canadian artist Calvin Nicholls creates extraordinary 3D sculptures using archival paper. The multi-layered paper sculptures (what he describes as ‘low relief framed paper sculptures’) can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 2 years to complete and the process always begins with extensive research of the animals to get their musculoskeletal features correct.


Nicholls uses a final drawing as a pattern for the pieces which he carefully cuts out with scalpels and x-acto knives. Finally, he pieces the components together and uses a method of studio lighting to bring out the effect of depth in his portraits.


Nicholls has been a full-time paper sculpture artist since the mid 80s and his work can be found in books as well as private collections and institutions around the world. At the Follett Library Resources in McHenry, Illinois, you can find an extensive collection of Calvin’s work with a staggering 75 pieces on display.


Nicholls says he enjoys white on white paper sculptures the most due to the emphasis on texture and form. He is currently available for private commissions and has completed a number of works for global brands such as Coca-Cola, GM and Ford. For more, be sure to check out Calvin’s incredible work at the links below.


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