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Stunning Vintage Photos of Curtiss Aerocar Travel Trailers From the 1920s and 1930s

Curtiss Aerocar 1

Inspired by his love for the outdoors, Glenn Curtiss began designing a better camping trailer in 1917. By 1919, his half-brother G. Carl Adams founded the Adams Trailer Corp. in Garden City, Long Island, producing trailers called “Motor Bungalo.” Glenn also developed an improved fifth wheel, using pneumatics for a smoother ride.


Curtiss Aerocar 2

Today, the fifth wheel is widely used in recreational and transportation industries. In 1928, the Aerocar was introduced, with production in Long Island and Hammondsport, N.Y., and later in Opa-locka, Florida. These luxury “Land Yachts” were custom-built and used as campers, buses, showrooms, offices, horse trailers, and mobile zoos.

Curtiss Aerocar 3

Due to high costs and the 1930s economic downturn, only a few hundred Aerocars were made, ending production in 1941. While the Aerocar is not well known today, Glenn’s fifth-wheel design remains significant.

Curtiss Aerocar 5
Curtiss Aerocar 6
Curtiss Aerocar 7
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Curtiss Aerocar 9
Curtiss Aerocar 13
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