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Artists Give The Lion King Live-Action A ‘Cartoon’ Edit

Ask a hundred people what their favorite animated Disney movie is, and odds are that a huge chunk of them will answer that it’s The Lion King. I know it’s my personal favorite, ever since I was a small kid. I’ve got such a soft spot for the movie that almost nothing can top it — not even the live-action remake, no matter how good it was.

It seems like I’m not the only one who thinks this way. Artists Ellejart (whose real name is Nikolay Mochkin) and Design By Feo recently drew the most amazing fan art poster of what The Lion King remake would have looked like if the movie’s creators would have made a live-action version that was faithful to the original style. Honestly, the artists’ version looks amazing, and I’d love to see it on the silver screen. Perhaps we need to ask Disney to remake the remake? So scroll down, share with your friends, and upvote your favorite fan edits of the remake.

More: Ellejart, Facebook, Design By Feo h/t: boredpanda

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