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These Prank Stickers Will Make You The Most Hated Person In The Office

These Voice Activated, Clap Activated and Motion Activated prank stickers will help you make fools of your co-workers, friends, or just strangers at the bar. Stick these on vending machines, hand dryers, water fountains, coffee makers, doors and more, and watch as the hilarity ensues. If there’s a better way to make normal people look crazy, we can’t think of one.

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MAYBE IF I SCREAM LOUDER AT IT! Make smart people look silly, and make stupid people look downright ridiculous. “ONE F*CKING COFFEE, PLEASE!”

TURN ANYTHING INTO THE ULTIMATE PRANK! You can put these on anything: doors, computer monitors, towel dispensers, toasters, lamps, water fountains, coffee makers, printers, kid toys, adult toys, etc.

WHY AREN’T PAPER TOWELS COMING OUT. MAYBE I NEED TO YELL LOUDER. Grandma, you’re yelling at the fridge. Please go to bed, you’re drunk.

One cup of coffee please…what the hell….ONE CUP OF COFFEE PLEASE. Damn thing’s broken again. I’m calling Tech Support

MAKE APRIL FOOLS LAST YEAR ROUND. Whether at home, the office, or out on the town, these quirky stickers make anyone look like an idiot.

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