Stunning Photos From The Hair Freezing Contest Of Takhini Hot Springs

The Hair Freezing Contest at Takhini Hot Pools started in 2011. The early years of the contest had humble beginnings, with $100 of prize money given to the best frozen hairdo and just a few dozen participants each year. Over the years, the contest gained momentum and in 2015 an image from the contest went viral. Since then, Takhini Hot Pools has increased the prize money to $750 and added several new categories. But this year, the contest has reached new heights.

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With a total of $10,000 available in prize money, the Hair Freezing Contest has seen an incredible surge in participation this winter season. Backed by two large sponsors, the contest has expanded to offer five categories: Best Male, Best Female, Best Group, Nongshim’s People’s Choice, and Tim Horton’s Most Creative. The winner for each category will receive $2000 in addition to an “unlimited” pass for the current hot springs (until its closure later this year) and some passes for the new hot springs facility currently under construction.

To enter the contest, one should visit Takhini Hot Pools on a day when the temperature is below -20°C and pay for a regular admission to the hot springs. Once a frozen hairstyle has been perfected, participants can ring the wireless doorbell to have their photo taken by Takhini Hot Pools staff. After exiting the hot springs, participants must complete the contest signup form in the lobby in order to officially enter the content.

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