Soviet Brutalist Architecture Photographed By Frederic Chaubin


When one thinks of something fascinating, Soviet brutalist architecture does not come to mind. However, Frédéric Chaubin’s remarkable photographs, published under the curious title “CCCP: Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed”, can change that perspective of many. French photographer has traveled the former Soviet Union since 2003, capturing unusual sculptural buildings.

Chaubin mostly focused on the edges of the former Soviet empire: the Caucasus, the Baltic states, and central Asia, and specifically on buildings constructed in wide open landscape, which looked like installations from outer space. Here: Cybernetics Intitute, Saint-Petersbourg – 1987

Druzhba Holiday Center Hal, Yalta – 1984

Druzhba Holiday Center Hal, Yalta – 1984

Druzhba health spa, Yalta

Georgian Ministry of Highways, 1970

The Palace of Ceremonies in Tblisi, Georgia, 1984

Het Poplakov Cafe, 1976

House of Soviets in Kaliningrad

Polytechnic Institute of Minsk

Rusakov Workers’ Club, Moscow, 1927-28

Kiev crematorium

Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technological Research and Development in Kiev

Vladimir Somov’s Fyodor Dostoyevsky Theater of Dramatic Art, built in 1987 in Novgorod

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