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The City Of Utrecht In The Netherlands Turns 316 Bus Stops Into Bee Stops


According to statistics, 358 bee species live in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, more than half of them are already endangered and put on the Dutch Red List (RL). The Netherlands’ officials recognized the growing problem and found an ingenious solution – to transform the city of Utrecht’s bus stops into bee-friendly havens to support pollinating populations.

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Recently, the Utrecht council saw an opportunity to expand the functions of a regular bus stop by giving them a new wholesome purpose: To tackle the growing endangerment of bees. Utrecht is the fourth-largest city in the Netherlands, located in the central part of the country.

Not only do newly revamped bus stops look cozier, but the planted succulents also support the city’s dwindling biodiversity such as honeybees and bumblebees. The green rooftops also help to capture fine dust and store rainwater.

Jolanda van Ginkel

“A green roof is good for a healthy and livable city … that can, therefore, cope better with climate problems. It helps to prevent flooding and ensures that we suffer less from heat,” reads the official website of the city of Utrecht. The officials are planning to install solar panels atop the bus stops in the next few years as well.

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