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Norwegian Navy Officer And International Heartthrob Bears Striking Resemblance To Thor


hor might be a fictional character, but there’s one mortal who bears a striking resemblance to him. Lasse Matberg has recently gained Internet fame thanks to this uncanny likeness to the Norse God of thunder, lightning, and storms, inspiring thousands of people to refer to him by this epic name.

h/t: mymodernmet

A lieutenant with the Royal Norwegian Navy, Matberg’s long blond locks—often pulled up in a tasteful man bun—and sculpted body make him a heartthrob to so many around the world. In addition to serving his country, Matberg is a man of many talents—he’s a trained chef and also holds a bachelor’s degree in personal training and sports nutrition. And if the popularity of his Instagram photos are any indication, he should soon add “model” to that list!

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