Georgian Car Club Creates The Rainbow With 76 Dodge Challengers


Skittles might want to make you taste the rainbow, but one car club in Georgia will make you want to be the rainbow. During a gathering of the Peach State Challengers, a Georgia-based car club that is all about the—you guessed it—Dodge Challenger, the members put together their 76 Challengers in the ultimate display of color.

More info: Peach State Challengers, Facebook, Instagram (h/t: thenewswheel)


It’s no secret that the Dodge brand is one of the few carmakers in the industry that has a slew of bright, bold colors to choose from. Ranging from its Go Mango orange to its Plum Crazy purple, the options are endless. Even the stripes can highlight an owner’s penchant for bright colors. Needless to say, Dodge is the ultimate brand for those individuals that love high-performance power and unique colors.


The brand’s wide range of colors allowed the Peach State Challengers to create an actual rainbow. At a massive fairground, the group made a rainbow of Challengers to highlight its collection of vehicles. This rainbow was set up in a complex interconnecting layout that adds a touch of aesthetics that makes this colorful display even better.

If there was ever a picture that is the epitome of car porn, this would be it.


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