Adventures of a Little Bunny

According to artist Kitt Santos: “I started Little Bunny Big World as just another creative outlet from my everyday working life just like my watercolour illustrations on my other blog. The character started as a pet name between me and my partner, whom I refer to as *the panda*. From there, I started using my own experiences and observations to bring the character to life, often making fun of my own shortcomings and little achievements. Just mundane stuff. I didn’t expect it to be of any value for anyone except myself but it took a life of its own and started gaining attention from different people so I decided to create a dedicated page for it.”

“Little Bunny was born from my experiences and the people around me using Paper by Fifty-three. It’s what I have been using ever since I started this personal project. I usually draw while on the train to work which takes 30-40 minutes to finish.”

“Most of my work are inspired by people, current events, causes I believe in or just about everything that I observe. Every drawing that I publish are accompanied by aphorisms that are mostly humorous. Because the subjects are inspired by real life situations, it weaves different layers to this cute character that not only kids can relate to but adults as well.”

Little Bunny Big World tells a story of a small rabbit and his adventure in a crazy big world. Follow him here.

H/t: Bored Panda

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