The Fascinating Adventures Of A Frenchman And A Hen Sailing Together Around The World


24-year-old Guirec Soudée from Brittany, France took Monique the chicken on a boat to sail with him around the world. He took her mainly as a source of food – eggs. But Monique turned out to be a great companion for Guirec. Apart from laying 6 eggs per week, she also likes to surf, to swim and even to skateboard. Plus, she’s always there when Guirec is feeling a bit lonely.

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24-year-old Guirec Soudée took a chicken on his sailing trip around the world hoping she’ll lay him eggs


But the hen soon proved to be much more – now she is the best companion he could ever have!


Monique loves going swimming together with her Frenchman!


She also gives him comfort when he’s feeling lonely.


“At the beginning, I was very worried – there would be huge waves and she might stumble.”


“It would look for a second like she might go overboard, but she would always regain her footing.”


“She adapted to it perfectly – she was very comfortable very quickly.”


Monique also helps Soudée to write a series of children’s books about their adventures.


The two started their journey from the Canary Islands in 2014 with a 39ft boat.


They sailed towards the Caribbean islands where Soudée was working at a windsurfing club to earn money for the rest of their journey.


The incredible duo are currently in the west coast of Greenland until the middle of July.


This chicken is fearless, even the cold temperatures can’t hold her back.


She has sure found her adventurous side!


Monique has also learned a thing or two about the maintenance of a boat.


“She follows me everywhere, and doesn’t create any problems. All I need to do is shout ‘Monique!’ and she will come to me, sit on me, give me company.”


“She is amazing!”

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