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This Creative Hairdo Is All The Rage On The Farm


We’ve seen several interesting developments over the last year in the realm of human beard and hair grooming. Mostly it’s been a lot of hair dye and glitter. But enough of human hair fashion, it’s time for the animal world to shine!


This awesome horse hairdo were posted to Facebook by JMC Equestrian Driving & Custom Clipping to show off their stylist’s latest creation. The horse model’s name is Romeo and his latest hairdo is so cool it even has it’s own name: “The Amour Of Love”.


According to the artist, the creative design is completely original and was executed free hand. The design took several hours to complete, but she was able to convince Romeo to stand still while she worked by letting him snack.


But why trim a horses’s hair just as winter is coming? Wouldn’t that make them really cold? As it turns out, it’s pretty normal for horses to get haircuts just in time for winter.


Trimming their hair prevents them from sweating excessively during a workout. So instead of sporting their natural fur coats all the time, these horses are given special winter rugs to keep them toasty when they aren’t working.


So believe it or not, this wild new trend in animal hair fashion is not only stylish, it’s extremely functional!

h/t: sobadsogood, jmcequestrian

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