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Badass Cat Proves He’s The True Owner Of This Supermarket In London


According to Bored Panda, cats go where they want and do what they want. In the case of one kitty in London, it means going to a supermarket. This cat was first spotted in November while parading around in Sainsbury’s in Brockley. Later on identified as Olly Oliver, this six-year-old had been removed from the premises by store security. But seeing how cats have no fear of laws of man or God (and they’re highly suspicious of this “physics” thing), he’s at it again.

h/t: metro, boredpanda

Image: Nigel Thornberry

So Oliver is stalking the shelves again and judging Londoners on their shopping. He’s quite famous among the locals, but Sainsbury’s management isn’t trying to capitalize off this free publicity.

Image: Jenny Stevens

A store spokesperson said “He lives in the house next door and he’s in here every day, all the time. He’s not allowed to be here, the staff like him, but he is a health and safety risk.”

Image: tom

“The cat has come back to Brockley Sainsbury’s” – tweeted one of the shoppers

Video: Harriet Langford

“Security tried to remove him. He sauntered straight back in”

Image: Nathan Roberts

“He’s in here every day, all the time,” – said the store spokesman

Image: The Cat Reviewer

“The cat lives close to shop, 6 years old, had him since he was 6 weeks old, name is Olly Oliver & he has a blue brother,” explained the owner of the cat

Image: Adam Oliver

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