Adult Onesie With Cozy Kangaroo Pouch Lets You Carry Your Cat Wherever You Go – Design You Trust

Adult Onesie With Cozy Kangaroo Pouch Lets You Carry Your Cat Wherever You Go


From the people who brought you the cat carrying hoodie, there’s now a super-comfy onesie. Worry no more about a Christmas gift for your cat-loving, hermit friend: the Mewgaroo onesie is the purrfect fit.


Japanese designers Unihabitat invented this cozy onesie for cat-lovers with a kangaroo-style pouch to transport pets in snuggly style.


Cats (and probably small dogs) can curl up in the pouch and join you on adventures around the house.


Cats keep warm and humans who love to snuggle up with their furry friends get 24/7 kitty cuddles.


The jumpsuit even has paws, ears, and a tail so human and cat can (finally) become one.


If these oddly-Photoshopped pictures haven’t persuaded you, the even stranger promo video certainly will.


Available from Unihabitat’s Amazon store, the Mewgaroo costs around $90. You can thank us later.


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