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Create Your Own Hobbit Hole With The Cosy Green Magic Homes That Can Be Adapted To Your Needs


For those who have dreamed of living in their own snug hobbit hole, they don’t need to travel to Middle Earth to make the dream a reality. Instead of getting out the shovel and building your own habitable hole in the hillside, you can now simply order a ready-made one and tailor it to your exact specification as a year-round home or a place to retreat for a holiday. Similar to their movie counterparts, the tiny eco-friendly houses by Green Magic Homes are similarly designed to exist under layer of grass and soil – perfect for growing vegetables and feeling at one with nature – and come with pools or hot tubs.

A Florida company is allowing fans of the Hobbit the chance to live in a ready-made home inspired by the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy series.


The homes are chic and modern with an open-plan kitchen, flat-screen TVs and a natural covering providing insulation to retain heat


The hobbit holes in the Shire didn’t come with the glamorous extras that these dwellings have, including pools and hot tubs


Built from prefabricated shells made from fibre-reinforced polymer, the homes are waterproof and designed to withstand strong winds


Designed to withstand the elements in any setting, the unique pods can be placed in a desert or snowy landscape at altitude


According to the designers, the sheltered pods can ‘easily’ withstand an earthquake with a magnitude of 10 on the Richter scale


The covering for the roof and exterior walls can be adapted to suit a range of different environments, including a desert


Prices for the Wikiki pad start at just $14,998, with larger designs based on a price of $34.74 per square foot

h/t: dailymail

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