A Car For The Jet Age: Cool Pics Of The 1956 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket

The 1950s was a rememberred decade in many things. From the boom of culture and fashion to the unique inventions of cars, especially the 1956 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket.

The Oldsmobile Golden Rocket was a two-seater show car built by Oldsmobile for the 1956 General Motors Motorama. The radically styled fiberglass concept, designed to resemble a rocket on wheels, was revised several times and displayed at various other auto shows, most notably at the 1957 Paris Motor Show where it generated much fanfare, 18 months after it was first revealed.

The car was also featured in the promotional short film Design for Dreaming along with the rest of the 1956 General Motors lineup.

Here below is a cool photo collection of the 1956 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket.

h/t: vintag.es

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