These Haunting Pictures Of An Abandoned Funeral Home Will Send A Shiver Down Your Spine

The once majestic building lies in ruins, with crumbling walls and chilling debris, including body bags and embalming fluids scattered throughout. Formerly an opera house, the building was transformed into a funeral home in 1946. The chilling snaps were taken by photographer Johnny Joo (previously) at the deserted House of Wills Funeral Home in Cleveland.

The balcony in the abandoned opera hall.

“The House of Wills”.

The abandoned casket room.

One of the abandoned family rooms.

The abandoned opera hall.

The furnace.

The casket showroom.

A newspaper with an article about “The House of Wills”.

The abandoned Egyptian slumber room.

The abandoned opera hall.

The entrance to the formidable House of Wills, which was once a German Opera House before being converted into a funeral home in 1946.

The family room at the House of Wills bears little resemblance to its former splendour, with an abandoned bit of lawn being seemingly dumped there.

The opera hall in the days it was used for funeral services could seat hundreds of mourners.

Mourners could view the bodies of their deceased loved ones in the garishly decorated Egyptian slumber room.

The now abandoned family room was once a haven for those working at the House of Wills.

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