Photographer Conor Nickerson Adds Himself Into His Childhood Photos

Montreal-based photographer Conor Nickerson was flipping through family photos when he wondered what it might look like to see his present self photoshopped next to his childhood self. After gathering clothing, hats, and shoes that would match his boyhood looks, he proceeded to create this gallery that he calls “Childhood: Myself Hanging Out With Myself, 1997-2005”.

“While looking through some old family photos, I wondered what it would it look like if tried to photoshop myself today into them. I gathered all the old hats and t-shirts that I could find and did my best to put myself into childhood moments which, aside from these photos, remain only a distant memory. The result was learning a lot about Photoshop, but also an amusing, strange, and surprisingly introspective collection of photos of myself hanging out with myself,” he said.

More info: Behance (h/t: sadanduseless)

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