Japanese Harry Potter Flies Around The World’s Most Iconic Landmarks On A Broomstick

Most probably, every person who has read the Harry Potter books imagined themselves as a wizard. Wouldn’t it be cool to perform all sorts of magic or to whizz around on a broom? Well, actually, if you think about it, whizzing around on a broom might not be such a good idea after all…

Just think of all the bugs you’re going to come across! Such an encounter might prove fatal for the bugs. However, you will most likely lose all your desire to ride the Nimbus 2000, once a few dozen bugs will smash into your face!

Instagram user Halno Kujiraoka‘s account features a plethora of beautiful shots of himself and friends leaping gleefully into the air with a broomstick jammed between their knees. His Instagram account featured mainly artwork, but after seeing how many people enjoyed the photo of himself appearing to “fly” on a broomstick, he decided to make this the main subject of his undoubtedly beautiful photography.

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