Sculpture Artist Zuza Mengham Interprets Perfume In Resin


London artist Zuza Mengham has created an exhibition of crystal-shaped resin sculptures on London Design Festival 2016 as a physical interpretation of Laboratory Perfumes’ range of scents. Mengham based each brightly coloured sculpture in the exhibition, titled Sculpting Scent, around the brand’s gender-neutral fragrances.

More info: Zuza Mengham, Bigcartel Store, Twitter (h/t: dezeen)


This includes scents like Atlas, containing notes of pipe tobacco alongside rum, vanilla and hay. Mengham interpreted the different compositions of the fragrances as contrasting colours, angles and visual effects using resin. She shows citrus scents as clear yellow, and layers translucent resin over speckled, slate-coloured sections to reflect combinations of notes.


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