‘The Infinite Green’ By Adam Kalinowski, Is A Public Sculpture Covered In Plants


Adam Kalinowski has designed ‘The Infinite Green’, a sculpture that has been created as part of the visual art program of the European Capital of Culture in Wroclaw, Poland.


The Infinite Green” is an example of a ‘green sculpture’ which is a combination of steel and wood construction, soil and vegetating plants.


The sculpture may remind people of the graphic symbol of infinity especially observed from a birds point of view perspective. The viewer has access into interior of the structure.


Additional aspect of the sculpture may be a color of plants: many shades of green color appear while different species are planted on 110 m2 on 7 shelves-levels of a sculpture.


They also blossom in a different time of a year. Only perennials in quantity of 100 have been applied here.


This solution has a practical issue in mind – to produce habitual structure in a hot and dry climate which may hold friendly environment for a man: interior space of lower temperature and increased humidity in compare to dry and hot surroundings of the structure.


Infinity (symbol: 8) is an abstract concept describing something without any limit…and in this case symbolizes eternity and importance of living nature for human beings as a necessary factor for survival of human race.


A skylight is located in the upper part of the structure providing the main source of light inside the structure during the day.


Irrigation system is applied under each layer especially considering internal parts of a structure where shade plants are plated.


Less dose of water is required by succulents and bigger quantity are needed by shade plants.


Via Contemporist

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