Artist Creates This Stunning Mosaic Floor Out Of 7,500 Pennies

While being in quarantine many of us have taken up DIY projects to pass the time or try out new hobbies. If you’re looking to try something besides, crocheting, tie-dying, or puzzles you’ll want to check this artist out!

Kelly Graham of Camias Jewelry Designs recently shared the final result of a 5-year project. After Kat Von D shared her impressive floor made out of 28,928 pennies, Kelly was encouraged to share the pictures of her own floor that she made in 2015.

“I made my own penny floor in my foyer room,” Graham said in a post that’s gone viral. Kelly used 7,500 pennies in total to finish the mosaic and with some sealant, it’s held up pretty nicely over the past 5 years.

More: Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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