Teamlab Brilliantly Illuminated Historic Shrine In Kyoto Forests And Its Surrounding


The ancient sanctuary, Shimogamo Shrine and its neighbouring forest has been illuminated in two brilliant interactive light displays by Teamlab.

More info: Teamlab (h/t: thedesigndome)


The path to the historic site is lit up by animated trees titled “Resonating Trees” which leads visitors to the second exhibition of giant interactive light orbs, “Resonating Spheres”, which hums with music in response to the visitor’s touch. Music, motion and light are constantly changing with the participants in the environment around the Sakura Gate of the shrine – the installation functions as a chain of harmonious notes and radiance emitted throughout the peaceful sanctuary.


The forest too sings and fades into a dazzle of shimmering colors as it senses presences approach. The lighted shrine grounds is animated comically – the gentle and ethereal muted lighted to signifying prayer and meditation which usually accompanies shrines is mildly transformed with the introduction of vivid orbs emitting powerful light of every color on the spectrum. The interactive light display installation by Teamlab creates a festive and magical atmosphere without disturbing the sanctity of the isolated shrine.


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