Artist Creates Monster Sculptures That Look So Real They Ruined Your Sleep Forever


Take a look at what modern art has brought upon us. And you thought Dr. Frankenstein had a knack for creating monsters. This Arizona-based artist is a master of creating pure terror.

h/t: theawesomedaily


Meet Josh Leichliter. It all started when he was a young boy and his dad used to let him watch horror movies at a very young age, needles to say this had a lasting effect on Josh and by his own words:

”My childhood was ruined. For a couple of years I was unable to sleep at all, I had to have a light on at night. Not just a night light. ALL the lights. When that wasn’t sufficient to keep the demons away, I would run to my parents’ room and demand to sleep with them. They usually relented, after a bucket or two of tears. I think this is what ultimately led to my love for anything horror. I think I chose to embrace it as a coping mechanism more than anything else.” .


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