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This Pop-Art Pool Is A Shining Example Of Designer Richard Woods’ Artistic Vision

The pool is a part of the barn’s Living With Art installation; it’s fully swimmable and is a shining example of Woods’ ability to balance form and function in a truly inspiring way. The “wood” tiles are a caricature of traditional wood planking with their exaggerated grain and pops of primary colors. The geometry of the pool adds to the fun house aspect of it; the colorful tiles under the turquoise water makes the shallow-to-deep undulation more pronounced and visually interesting.

h/t: ifitshipitshere

The heavily stylized cartoon-like wooden plank design is a signature of the London-based artist. For the swimming pool, the digitally printed ceramic tiles were made in conjunction with The Surface Design Studio. You may have seen it on various pieces of furniture in a collection called WRONGWOODS on which he collaborated with Sebastion Wrong for Established & Sons as well as on floors, walls and facades from many of his own art exhibitions and custom interior design.

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