This Bride Spends $170 And 8 Months Crocheting Her Own Beautiful Wedding Dress


22-year-old Abbey Ramirez-Bodly decided to make her own wedding dress after struggling to find an affordable gown. While we’d have ended up with a white sack, she got to wear the dress of her dreams.

Abbey, from Arkansas, US, couldn’t find a dress within her budget.


The vintage-style dresses she loved were all over $1,000.


But crafty Abbey, who taught by her aunt to crochet when she was just 3 years old, knew she could make something beautiful on a budget.


She spent $70 on cotton yarn and spent 8 months crocheting.


She said, “Making something with your own hands out of love is very special on the most important day of your life.”


After spending $100 on a green dress to go underneath the crochet, the total cost of the dress was $170.


She described wearing the dress as “Amazing. It was emotional.”


“Especially when you put that much time and love into something.”


“When I put it on I was, for one, amazed that it looked exactly like what I thought it would look like in my head.”


We think the dress, something beautiful made with love and perseverance, is symbolic of a marriage itself. Abbey did an amazing job and we wish her all the best as a newlywed!
h/t: pulptastic

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