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Beautifully Detailed Architecture Rings Feature Miniature Versions Of City Skylines

Do you wish to hold an entire city in the palm of your hand? We’ve found something that can make your wish come true. Well, sort of. Art is Therapy studio introduces Teti, a line of architecture rings that allows you to wear an entire city skyline on your finger. Featuring astoundingly detailed skylines from famous cities, each ring encloses your favorite city within the space of your finger.

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\Handcrafted in Italy, these architecture rings present micro-detailed reproduction of three city models – London, New York, and Rome. All the famous landmarks and skyscrapers from each city were intricately crafted to bring a miniature city at your finger.

Furthermore, all city models are available in three premium materials – copper, silver, and gold. Lastly, the city skyline is encased in clear resin for the finishing touch. The ring isn’t the only thing that is alluring but the packaging is also as charming as the ring. When you open the tiny box, you’ll find the elegant ring standing amidst the miniature figures of the city’s famous landmarks.

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