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Guy Walks His Pet Tortoise Around The Streets Of Tokyo

Photograph by @secorisou

19 years ago, 62-year-old Mitani Hisao walked into a Tokyo pet shop and purchased a five-centimetre baby tortoise. Hisao calls him Bon-chan and the African spurred tortoise now weighs 70 kg (154 lbs) and has a shell that measures 75 cm (2 ft 5 in) in diameter.

Photograph by @hi_roshishi

Two to three times a week Hisao and Bon-chan go for long walks (1.5 – 2 hours!) on the streets of Tokyo, much to the delight of all onlookers and pedestrians. The slow moving duo cause a stir wherever they go.

Photograph by @1995_peach_n

Although he is married, Misao, a funeral director, does not have any children. He says he considers Bon-Chan his son, and tells The Mirror: “Bon-chan is the only one in my family that listens to me, so I confide in him all the time. I just say his name and he walks over to me.”

Photograph by @hi_roshishi

Photograph by @overdie2597

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