Laze About The House Like A Piece Of Tempura With The Fried Prawn Wearable Sleeping Bag!


The creative folks from Felissimo’s humorous YOU+MORE! brand have dazzled us with a range of unusual creature bags and cute animal accessories to brighten up the home, but now they’re turning their attention to the world of food, with a brand new item that’s set to have everyone laughing around the country.

More info: YOU+MORE! (h/t: rocketnews24)


It’s the Fried Prawn Wearable Sleeping Bag, which is said to feel like a comfortable, fluffy robe while also making you look like a crazy piece of walking, talking, hand-gesturing, wine-drinking piece of Japanese tempura!


According to the company, the combination of the red socks with the yellow body of the outfit means it can also be used to resemble a hot dog, adding to the versatility of the costume.


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