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So People Are Buying Inflatable Jesus Now…


In today’s epizode of “Weird stuff people buy” we have Inflatable Jesus blow-up doll that people are actually buying (for some strange reason). Maybe they choosing to have Jesus in their lives in a more literal way…

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Easy to inflate, Jesus is 50cm (19.6 inches) tall, looks super lifelike with long locks, hipster beard and flowing white robe. He promises not to punish you with flood or famine if you do something remiss.


He’s very friendly and will serve as a reminder to go out and do good in the world. If you need proof that he’s the messiah he even floats (walks) on water! This Jesus also deflates for easy storage when you need a break from the Lord.


This might be a pretty good gag gift for someone who is not afraid to burn in hell, or for your Christian friend you wish to piss off. As you can see from the Instagram posts below, people are really spending their hard-earned money on this thing, and hanging out with it:


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