This Crying Unicorn Candle Will Make You Shed Tears Of Joy (Or Fear)

As Mashable reports, Firebox has officially released a “Crying Unicorn Candle,” and it’s both magical and creepy. Featuring a white ceramic candle holder in the shape of a tiny unicorn, the product includes three spiraled horn-shaped candles that, when lit, melt through the unicorn’s eye sockets and makes it look like it’s crying rainbows.

“Is there anything more beautiful than a Unicorn crying?” Firebox asks on its website. “Just light the tip of its spiraled horn and the Crying Unicorn Candle bursts into tears, weeping a waxy rainbow of colors. Made from the purest white ceramic, this knowingly kitsch ornament comes with two spare horns so you can make it cry again and again.”

More info: Firebox (h/t: mashable, cosmopolitan)

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