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These Designers Create Stylish And Unusual Dresses From Kids’ Drawings

One day, mother of two, Jaimee Newberry, came up with a brilliant idea to sew her daughter a dress that was based on her own drawing. The dress was such a huge hit with both her daughter’s friends and their parents, that Newberry decided to make a business out of it.

More info: Picture This (h/t: babble, boredpanda)

Titled ‘Picture This’, Newberry’s company lets children turn their drawings into clothes that they could actually wear (currently, just dresses). So, how does it work? You go over to the Picture This website, choose a size and print out a coloring sheet. Then your kid draws her little heart out and you send a picture of a drawing to the website. Two weeks later, the dress arrives in your mail. Yes, it’s as simple as that! Brilliant, huh?

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