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The Most Amazing Wedding Dress You’ll Ever See

Photo by James Tang

If you’re tired of all-white traditional wedding dresses – dip it in some dye or airbrush it. We’re not joking! This dip dye wedding dress trend not only gives your formal dress a colorful touch, it also solves one major problem that many brides face. Enyone who has attended a wedding probably saw how dirty the gowns sometimes get from touching the ground. So there’s a very practical reason to color the edges.

More info: Taylor Ann, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: boredpanda, sobadsogood)

Photo by James Tang

When artist Taylor Ann was planning her upcoming wedding day, she knew that it needed to have more than a hint of colour and creativity about it. She wanted to avoid the bland and predictable cookie-cutter wedding template or staged managed event.

Photo by James Tang

Photo by James Tang

Photo by James Tang

Photo by James Tang

Photo by James Tang

Photo by James Tang

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