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Maid-Themed Cafe In Chinese City Of Hangzhou

Photo by AsiaWire

A cafe has been bringing in droves of new customers after hiring young women to dress up in French maid costumes while serving diners. Curious coffee- and coffee-lovers are coming from all corners of Hangzhou, capital of East China’s Zhejiang Province, to get a taste of the “maid cafe” experience.

Photo by AsiaWire

The business is said to have been opened by a man surnamed Yu and his friends, all whom are natives or graduates of the city. The all-female staff who donned the black and white French maid outfits are also students currenting living or studying in Hangzhou, allowing them to marry their passion for serving with the part-time job.

Photo by AsiaWire

Customers who stepped into the cafe upon its opening were presented with a dance performance and were given personalised service by the waitresses, whose job description also includes spoon-feeding the diners and dabbing their mouths with serviettes.

Photo by AsiaWire

Pictures of the maid-themed cafe, which had taken inspiration from similar establishments in anime- and cosplay-crazy Japan, show customers either feeling awkward and thoroughly enjoying the bizarre experience.

Photo by AsiaWire

But those hoping for more of the same in Hangzhou will be left disappointed, as Yu and his partners said that the maid theme was a “pop-up” idea and lasted only for one day. They came up with the maid outfits as a promotional tool for their grand opening, and it seems it will now be discontinued despite its obvious popularity. Yu’s announcement is sure to put any further controversy surrounding the cafe’s PR stunt to bed.

Photo by AsiaWire

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