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Outside Van Valhalla 4×4 Camper

Travel off the grid and into the wilderness in style with a reliable custom-made all-in-one camper van from Outside Van. Each van is based off the powerful Mercedes Sprinter, hosting the ability to house multiple individuals on a cross-country excursion through America’s winding rural roads.

More info: Outside Van (h/t: hiconsumption)

Valhalla is just one of many possibilities you can get through Outside Van. It features a solar package to cut down on gas and battery usage, LED light bars, a tire upgrade to get you through that tough terrain, an OSV Surf/SUP roof rack, and an awning on the outside to start. The real magic, however, comes with the interior, where you can get some of these same features including custom upholstering, a sofa, three-panel bed, drop down monitor, 12v refrigerators, an audio upgrade to keep the tunes pumping, and a fully enclosed shower.

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