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American Artist Brings Recycled Materials Back To Life, Here Are Some Of His Incredible Sculptures

What do you see when looking at an unused fork, a screw, a car part, and other scraps? Most of us see something that belongs in a dump, except for Brian Mock, a sculptor and a metal revolutionist who is bringing reclaimed materials back to life in a form of spectacular sculpture art.

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This utterly talented American artist based in Aloha, Oregon, has been exploring art by drawing, painting, and woodcarving from an early age, and developed his creative passion for upcycling back in the 1990s. After teaching himself how to weld, he gained incredible technical skills that in combination with imagination and experience turn discarded trash into the most beautiful sculptures of animals, people, robots, cars, and other figurative and custom objects that can be both decorative and functional. The artist often places himself or his dog in pictures for scale so we can truly appreciate the impressive size of his unique artworks.

“My sculptures are made entirely from reclaimed items and repurposed materials (almost all metal but sometimes I’ll add bits of plastic for color). I like that people interact with them, they have fun looking for objects they can identify. It started as a hobby, but as I got better at sculpting, I turned it into a full-time profession,” the artist, whose cool sculptures are exhibited all across the country, told Bored Panda.

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