Clay, Chaos and Urban Detritus Merge in Daniil Antropov’s Ceramic Sculptures – Design You Trust

Clay, Chaos and Urban Detritus Merge in Daniil Antropov’s Ceramic Sculptures

Created from a heady swirl of colours and textures, each of Daniil Antropov’s sculptures is its own distinct ecosystem: the surface of a distant planet, or a visceral memory hardened in ceramics.

Antropov seems to have an infinite interest in playing with the medium’s variables: harnessing chaos and experimenting with shapes, whether abstract or more figurative. “Sculpture is a shape, and you can play around with a shape infinitely,” he says. “But in ceramic sculpture, material is also a factor, and a single lifetime would not be enough to learn everything about its nature. It will never be boring. There is always a challenge.”

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