Yao Ethnic Women Keep Long Hair Tradition Alive

Photo by Lu Boan/Xinhua

The Yao nationality is a government classification for various minorities in China. They form one of the 55 ethnic minority groups officially recognized by the People’s Republic of China, where they reside in the mountainous terrain of the southwest and south. They also form one of the 54 ethnic groups officially recognized by Vietnam. In the last census in 2000, they numbered 2,637,421 in China, and roughly 470,000 in Vietnam.

The Huangluo Village of the Yao ethnic group locates at the Longji Terraces in Heping Town of Longsheng County in Guilin. Women here have the tradition of keeping long hair. They believe that long hair brings good luck and fortune. The average length of hair of 180 women in the village is 1.7 meters.

Photo by Lu Boan/Xinhua

Photo by Lu Boan/Xinhua

Photo by Lu Boan/Xinhua

Photo by Lu Boan/Xinhua

Photo by Lu Boan/Xinhua

Photo by Lu Boan/Xinhua

Photo by Lu Boan/Xinhua

Photo by Lu Boan/Xinhua

Photo by Lu Boan/Xinhua

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