Handy Public Punching Bags Located Around Manhattan That Let New Yorkers Vent Their Frustrations – Design You Trust

Handy Public Punching Bags Located Around Manhattan That Let New Yorkers Vent Their Frustrations


donttakethisthewrongway, a design studio based out of Savannah, Georgia, installed a series of “Public Punching Bags” around Manhattan during their visit to New York City Design Week 2019. The idea was to give people a way to momentarily express their frustrations in a public place before going on with their day, hopefully feeling a bit better than before.

More: donttakethisthewrongway h/t: laughingsquid

“The concept explores designing common spaces for the frustrations we all face. Frustrations that go beyond designed systems and happen, well, because we are human. The public punching bag offers an outlet for these emotions as a means to maybe develop a healthier way to address personal and collective issues in a public setting.”

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