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Luxury Hotel Creates ‘Shanty Town’ Slum for Superrich


Guests at South Africa’s Emoya Luxury Hotel & Spa who tire of the usual upscale amenities can ditch those digs for a more down-to-earth experience at the hotel’s own “Shanty Town”.


The Emoya notes that millions of poverty-stricken South Africans live in shanty towns, which consist of shacks made from corrugated metal sheets without running water, electricity or indoor plumbing.


Of course, the Emoya shanty experience still has plenty of conveniences. The resort’s shanties come with Wi-Fi and under-floor heating. Bathrooms with showers and electricity are also provided in “Shanty Town.” So, guests at the resort can get the psuedo-experience. . . and “within the safe environment of a private game reserve.”


A video posted on the hotel’s website shows a number of small shacks made from colorful metal sheets, aged to look decrepit, surrounded by dirt paths. In the evening, fires blaze in open trash barrels, while the shanties are lit by a combination of oil and electric lamps. Exotic animals are seen roaming nearby.


Each small shanty has room for metal bunk beds and can accommodate four guests. Shanty stays are priced at 850 rand — about U.S. $83 — presumably per night. Breakfast service is optional and costs another $11.


Billed as an “experience you will never forget,” Emoya’s Shanty Town can hold as many as 52 guests and is recommended for “team building” and “fancy theme parties.”


Guests are assured that the fake Shanty Town is “completely safe and child friendly” — something that cannot be said about real South African shanty towns.


Source: MSN

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