Descend Into A Tomb Of Imprisoned Vehicles Frozen In Time

Photo via Galleria Borbonica

Nobody likes a visit to the car pound. It probably as one of my least favourite places to be on earth, but you wouldn’t have a hard time convincing me to pay a visit to this particular car pound, hidden 150ft below a piazza in the city of Naples, sealed off after WWII and forgotten about for more than 60 years.

More info: Galleria Borbonica (h/t: messynessychic)

Photo via Galleria Borbonica

The place is filled with vintage cars, motorcycles and scooters dating back to the 40s and 50s, but the walls and tunnels they’re entombed in look ancient. And they almost are. Built in 1853 by Ferdinand II of Bourbon, the multilevel subterranean network was conceived as a sort of emergency escape route for the unpopular monarch who feared revolution. The vast underground tunnels would serve as a passageway large enough for his troops and horses to escape the palace and make it to the military barracks. The revolution never came, at least not before Ferdinand’s death in 1859, and the network was never completed.

Photo via Galleria Borbonica

Photo via Galleria Borbonica

Photo via Galleria Borbonica

Photo via Galleria Borbonica

Photo via Galleria Borbonica

Photo via Galleria Borbonica

Photo via Galleria Borbonica

Photo via Galleria Borbonica

Photo via Galleria Borbonica

Photo via Galleria Borbonica

Photo via Galleria Borbonica

Photo via Galleria Borbonica

Photo via Galleria Borbonica

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